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Booking a Limo Service

4 Things to Consider When Booking a Limo Service


Choosing the perfect limo service can be quite a challenging task considering there are plenty of rental companies and vehicles out there. How do you make sure to pick the right one? Of course, like any other service, you must do your homework and keep your needs in mind.

Read on to discover the four main things to consider when booking a limo service.

1. Cost and Extra Charges

Cost is obviously the first factor to consider when booking a limo service. But though an affordable limo service is good, never sacrifice quality to save a few dollars. If you do, your limo experience can end up being so frustrating. Instead, get several quotes so that you can compare prices and get the best deals.

Another thing, base rates often differ from what you end up paying because of multiple add-on charges such as tolls, fuel surcharges, etc.

It means your total bill will be way higher than the initial quote. When booking a limo service, ask whether the final price is all-inclusive to avoid being caught off-guard.

2. Customer Reviews

You need to look at the limo company’s references and reviews online if you want to get an honest opinion about their services and vehicles. References and reviews will inform you about the experience of other clients and will quickly point out any red flags.

Don’t look for reviews on the company’s website because they only show positive feedback. Instead, visit such sites as Yelp, Google Reviews, and Glassdoor for unbiased reviews from real customers.

3. Size of the Fleet

There is a wide range of limos in the market, such as classic limos, trolley buses, stretch SUVs, and party buses. The bigger a company is, the larger their fleet.

A bigger fleet means you have a wide choice to suit your comfort and style. Even better, in case your limo breaks down or is unavailable when you need it, they’ll always have a backup ready for you.

So,check the rental company’s inventory to make sure the types of limos they have will suit your needs.

4. Do They Offer Different Packages?

The reasons for booking a limo service are limitless. But that’s not to say that everyone will use the car for the same thing. And for this reason, you want a rental company that will adapt your limo experience to suit your needs.

As an example, a bachelorette package offers something so different from a corporate transportation package.

Whether booking a limo service for a business trip or for a wedding, a company with different packages could help you identify what you need and deliver exactly that.


Whether impressing your colleagues with a lavish business trip or planning your wedding day, a limousine can add much-needed luxury to your event.

Whatever it is that you are looking for, you can’t go wrong if you keep these tips in mind when booking a limo service.

Just be sure of what you’re looking for, ask the right questions, and you’re in for a memorable ride.

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