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4 Honeymoon Destinations Close to the US


Are wedding bells ringing for you soon? From Montego bay wedding venues to New Orleans, you probably are receiving plentiful suggestions for honeymoon destinations within the U.S. at the moment. While these are certainly the top choices of most American honeymooners, we have four honeymoon destinations to recommend as well.

Being close to the U.S, you’d easily be able to manage a trip here with your partner. What’s more, you won’t regret trusting our suggestions when you see the delights in store for you here.

1. Castle Hot Springs, Arizona

If you and your partner prioritize utter seclusion so that you two stay wrapped up in each other throughout the honeymoon, then head to Castle Hot Springs, Arizona. This place is an absolute paradise but even more so for people madly in love.

The standalone suites, farm to table five course meals, luxurious and huge al fresco bath tubs and other amenities make Castle Hot Springs a romantic sanctuary to say the least. We can guarantee all your honeymoon dreams will come true here if you book it for the best vacation of your life.

There’s a lot that the name of this honeymoon sanctuary suggests itself: Castle Hot Springs perfectly summarizes the exquisite hot springs you will find on the property sprawling for 11,000 acres here. The first hot spring here with a temperature ranging from 105 to 120 degrees F is one of akind and is the first natural and non-sulfuric one in the world.

Apart from the springs, the opulence of this magnificent sanctuary will leave you and your partner in awe. The all-inclusive resort, staying true to its commitment of opulence, has indoor and outdoor fires by which you can enjoy your coffee. There’re also the scrumptious, five course meals you will enjoy, all prepared with high-quality, fresh and organic produce from the on-site greenhouse and farm.

There are also tons of adventurous activities to enjoy here for when you and your partner are in the mood for fun.

2. Maui, Hawaii

There’s a good reason why Maui is among the favorite of honeymoon destinations. This Hawaiian Island packs tons of idyllic beaches that positively beckon your toes to sink into the white glorious sand. Then there’s the majestic turquoise waters that is every beach lover’s and romance lover’s idea of paradise.

Maui, Hawaii is a great honeymoon destination that promises great surfing experiences, gorgeous crescent-shaped beaches, inland hiking and ultra-luxurious accommodations. You will get five-star pampering too if you head over to Wailea with your spouse.

Kapalua Bay Beach is an exquisite retreat in itself, where the white-sand beach within a protected cove makes for a perfect romantic backdrop. The reefs surround the beach adding to magical ambience of this beach, while the excellent snorkeling experiences inject the right dose of adventure in your honeymoon.

If there’s a perfect honeymoon destination in U.S. for you and your spouse, it is Maui all the way.

3. Key Largo, FL

If you’re looking for poetry-worthy sunsets to experience with your spouse, then head straight to Key Largo for your honeymoon. It has a variety of sceneries too that will make the perfect backdrop for your honeymoon album. But great pictures are not all that you and your partner will enjoy here.

You will love lazing with your spouse on the warm sandy stretches here, while the resort will also give you close access to Miami. Plus, the beach house chic vibes are sure to inspire more romance and holiday spirits in the two of you.

The resort sits in a tropical island surrounding, which positively makes couples want to grab a beach bruiser and go for a romantic, sun-soaked ride all the time. In fact, that’s exactly what you can do here because the resort has zodiac boats and beach cruisers to take you on a ride through the mangroves.

You could also hit the charming boutique shops a close distance away in Rain Barrel Village, as well as explore John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Islamorada Brewing Co. and lots more.

4. Napa Valley, California

You’ve probably already experienced many family and friends trying to sell you on Napa Valley for the honeymoon. You’d do great to take their suggestion for this is hands down, one of the most romantic destinations in the U.S.

You and your spouse will not fall short of options to explore while honeymooning here. There’s also the taste of luxury you will experience, from farm-to-table dining experiences, lounging on the rooftop at Archer Hotel and more. There’s also the Tank Garage Winery to visit and other fabulous diners if you are a wine and food-loving couple.

Final Thoughts

From luxury spas, outdoor resorts to affordable adventures, there’s a destination in U.S. that is just ideal for honeymooners who don’t want to venture out of the boundaries. Beach destinations and particularly island destinations like Hawaii have been among the top ranking honeymoon destinations since long. With the wide range of options here, there’s no reason why you need to look for honeymoon destinations beyond U.S.

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