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Tea houses and acommodatin Everest region trail


The Everest Base Camp (EBC) is a very famous trekking route across the world. Many mountaineers from around the world dream to experience the beauty that the trek promises and accept the challenges thrown. 

One of the most important parts of the trek is accommodation. You have plenty of options to decide from.

In this article, we will take a deeper look at the most common options.

This article will help you choose the better option for you on your next Everest Base Camp journey.

Teahouse Trekking

On the Everest Base Camp trail, there are many tea houses on the way Everest base camp. These are owned by the locals.

These tea houses add a sense of comfort in your journey. They make your journey convenient. Tea Houses are a common type of accommodation amongst the trekkers for the very same reason.

 The tea houses provide proper and warm food, a trust worthy shelter and a cozy bed. 

If you opt for tea houses, your expenses on camping gear and cooking and food materials can decrease but tea houses also come with some expenses. But the weight of food and camping gear substantially decrease.

Tea houses are a good way to interact with locals and share their cultural practices and know about them and their lifestyle. You can enjoy delicious and authentic Nepali food. This adds a dimension to your trek.

Many trekkers face altitude sickness in the trek. These tea houses provide shelter for the ones suffering as they are strategically located at suitable altitudes for acclimatization.

Camping On EBC Trek

Camping is yet another common way trekkers accommodate themselves in the trails. It can reduce extra cost of accommodation as you will not have to pay for hotels, lodges and te houses but they come with their own cost of camping gears and cooking  gears.

Camping has always been associated with adventure and raw kind of adventurous fun. This adds a dimension to your trekking journey. 

It is a better option for the ones trying to avoid the crowd. You will not have to live with many people in the tea houses.

This is a good way to ground yourself and get connected to nature. It is a great way to stargaze in the mountains.

Çamping is a better option than tea houses if you want to be flexible with your plans and itineraries. As mentioned earlier, the camping gears may add an extra weight to carry but they bring flexibility to your itinerary. 

Location schedules and meal schedules can be changed and adapted. You can cook what you want to eat, while the tea houses have very limited options and in many you do not even have options. You will have to eat whatever it is cooked in the tea houses.

Prices for meals and snacks can vary, but a rough estimate might be $20 to $30 per day


In recent years, the trend of staying in guest houses has increased as compared to past years.

The main reason for it could be an increase in facilities. Guest houses offer more facilities than teahouses in comparison. Guest houses offer private room services usually with private bathrooms so that you do not have to share it with strangers.

Guesthouses usually offer better heating service like water heaters and wood stoves. It is not unknown that heat is really necessary up there. With not so much higher prices than tea houses, guest houses offer better services and facilities.

In conclusion, the accommodation you choose should depend on your preferences, be it,  financial or physical. Choose your accommodation wisely as it may make or break your trip.

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