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Coaster Rides in Dubai

5 Striking Roller Coaster Rides in Dubai


Indeed, this most developed and advanced city is famous for owning various theme parks that a dozen of people visit every day, so you should also get ready for having the superb experience of different roller coaster rides. Moreover, you also get a chance of witnessing different indoor theme parks there and honestly, all of them are of international standards and available with different rates making this experience affordable for everyone.

If you are the adventurer then honestly, experiencing different challenging rides is the must-do in Dubai. Indeed, all the rides have been equipped with the safety essentials carefully, so there is no fear of falling down from a ride. Moreover, this is the impressive piece making you familiar with some worth-knowing roller coaster rides that you experience in Dubai, so evaluate each ride mentioned below and address your craving for adventure.


This amazing ride is the tallest as well as the faster roller coaster ride that you experience in Dubai, so make sure that you consider it in the start and get the experience enticing your interest more for such challenging rides. It offers you the drops and twists of more than 100 km making this ride more challenging for every tourist, so you should make sure that you consider such an outstanding ride. While booking flights, one has to be very careful and it is better to go with the FlyDubai UAE deals for the seamless booking

2-Thor’s Spine Thunder

Thor is the thunder god and everyone likes him and for having the fantastic asgardian, you have to visit the IMG, the stunning place to get you amazed with some incredible rides. This spinning ride is very challenging and make sure that you don’t fill-up your stomach with your favorite food otherwise you might vomit during this ride.

3-Spider Man Ride

Do you like Spider Man? Well, get ready for his ride and gauge your limits of adventurism with being equipped with every safety essential, so do try this thrilling ride. It lets you move from place to place in the town while gripping the webslinger and you fight with the Doctor Octopus, the Spider Man’s enemy and prevent him from acquiring the power of city.

4-Capitol Bullet Train

You must acquire this awesome high-speed ride defying gravity and like other quality options, you also find great safety gear with it. This partial-pipe ride seems like it arrived from the great future and going to offer great fun. While going through districts, you must ready for coming across the awesome curves as well as turns.

5-Smurf Village Express

True, roller coasters don’t necessarily need to be scary and the example is this awesome fun ride, so get on it and have extreme fun without getting any financial load. As it is not scary and challenging, so you find lots of families having it and the slow-moving safe object makes it great fun particularly for kids. Therefore, you shouldn’t wait and get there with your family to have an extreme fun and prefer going there in evening in this hot summer.

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